We build both frontend and backend of custom software, providing top-notch solutions that boost your business.

Web apps development

We build custom web platforms applications and products to boost your business.

The simpler your product is, the easier it will be for users to use it. You only need to focus on providing them with maximum value.

What can we build

Our dedicated teams build top-quality web applications. Creating solutions we bear in mind scalability, business efficiency and security. We build tailor-made systems that fit your business, business goals and user needs. We use the best and well-known technologies adjusted to your needs.

Let's validate ideas together!

What kind of web apps can we build?

  • business automations tools and platforms
  • tailor-made flexible CMS
  • custom e-commerce platforms
  • enterprise-level solutions
  • startups mvp
    (see the full process)
  • telemedicine platform
  • social platforms
  • CRMs
  • scale-ups
  • saas applications
  • education platforms
  • and more...

How we work?

  • We're not only technology freaks - we care about your business

  • We don't waste your time. Our processes are efficient.

  • We work transparently, you always know what happens and what will be the next step.

  • We're agile. We understand how to build PRODUCTS not only software.

  • We communicate.
    We're your advisors but also very good listeners.

  • We're very patient. All your doubts we'll be explained in details and calm.

  • We put emphasis on customer experience, user experience and inclusiveness.

  • We're your guide and partners in technology world. We'll remember about aspects and don't have to bother.

  • We have 5-steps verification process. All what you get will be the best quality.

Our stack

Co-creation workshopsPair programmingCI/CD Code reviewInterviewsAgile


  • Understand
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • (1)


    In this stage, the team maps out the problem they want to solve and the goals they want to achieve. This is done through research, customer feedback, and data analysis.

  • (2)


    The team then generates ideas for solutions to the problem. This stage involves brainstorming and sketching out ideas on paper.

  • (3)


    In this stage, the team narrows down the ideas to the best solution. The team then creates a storyboard to plan out the details of the solution.

  • (4)


    The team creates a prototype of the solution. This can be a physical or digital prototype, depending on the problem being solved.

  • (5)


    The team tests the prototype with customers or users to get feedback. This feedback is then used to refine the solution and make improvements.

Case study

KUKBUK – personalized cooking content platform, that grew 1 mln users in one year

When can we start building?

You want to build a new startup and don't want to invest too much money to test an idea

You came up with a business idea and you're not sure if the value proposition is enough for your target

You found the problem but you want to define business model

You want to define product strategy and launch the product

You want to build a new product in your organisation

You want to scale up to the new market

Proud Of

Industries we work with

healthcare & telemedicine / event & entertainment / education / media / creative agencies support / CSR activities / startups / fast delivery / FMCG / fashion / beauty / construction industry

Products we do

SaaS / Marketplace / Mobile App / Customer Experience Application / ERP Custom Systems / Servers management system / PaaS / e‑learning platforms / AR