Full cycle product development

We are here to help you with full cycle of your product development. We are qualified to support you on each stage, starting from idea validation, through UX, programming and finally scaling a product.

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It is not without a reason that for every start-up that earns millions, there are several hundred ideas that fail, some of which do not even make it to market. So what can you do not to lose out? What's more, how do you avoid becoming a source of failure yourself?

Design Sprint / MVP Development / Research / Product Discovery / Business analyst / Product & Strategy / Prototyping

We guide you through


It will be a marathon. Get ready, be prepared. We will guide you through an approach that doesn't stop after initial validation. The key is to constantly test hypotheses and learn while building a product.

End to end product & design development / Business analyst / UX/UI Design / User testing / Mobile app development

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Creating products in difficult and requires experience. Typical tool projects, where you automate processes that have been existing in your company for years, are one thing: building a product that introduces some king of novelty to the market iin another. The former can be done by a typical software house without the backing of strategists and product specialists. For the latter, it is worth choosing a partner who will lead you by the hand through the discovery process, be able to conduct research, and finally, be responsible for the production.

Don’t look for a company that will passively implement exactly what you want. Look company that will help you achieve your business goals.

Product Market Fit / Product Scaling / Continuous discovery / Hypotheses validation / Product Audit / Feature roadmap strategy / Product strategy workshop


  • Understand
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • (1)


    In this stage, the team maps out the problem they want to solve and the goals they want to achieve. This is done through research, customer feedback, and data analysis.

  • (2)


    The team then generates ideas for solutions to the problem. This stage involves brainstorming and sketching out ideas on paper.

  • (3)


    In this stage, the team narrows down the ideas to the best solution. The team then creates a storyboard to plan out the details of the solution.

  • (4)


    The team creates a prototype of the solution. This can be a physical or digital prototype, depending on the problem being solved.

  • (5)


    The team tests the prototype with customers or users to get feedback. This feedback is then used to refine the solution and make improvements.

How to build products that
make money?

We have built many digital products, that are profitable today. Many of them we have been developing for years, such as a huge school management system used by a foreign college. It started with a simple application for students and ended up as an electronic system for examinations and assessments, managing dormitories, building individual timetables, handling professorial staff... Our client uses it itself, but also sells licenses for it to other schools. He makes money!

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