How to build valuable product - the most common reasons why projects fail

Author Adrian Hołota

Date 01 May 2022

Regardless of whether you have an idea and want to create an application/start-up, or your company commissioned you to lead such a project, you probably wonder how to do it quickly, cheaply and make it profitable... Seemingly a simple task, but as it turns out, for one start-up earning millions, there are hundreds of ideas that failed, and some of them did not even survive the crash on the market. So what to do not to lose? What more, how not to become a source of failure yourself?

If you've already sent inquiries to software houses or freelancers, you're probably getting a lot of contradictory information and conflicting approaches. And also extremely different estimates for the realization of your idea, which oscillate between 10 thousand and 2 million PLN! Some say to make an MVP, others promise to make the whole product in two months, still others say that at the beginning you need to do a workshop and only then they will be able to assess the complexity. You don't know who to listen to, who to trust and how to choose a contractor who knows what they are doing and will guide you through the process with a dry foot. This article will help you understand what are the most common mistakes in the initial stages, how to evaluate the contractor's approach and what to be ready for.

This article will help you understand what the most common mistakes are in the initial stages of building digital products, how to evaluate a contractor's approach, and what to be ready for.

The most common failure scenario

Your path most likely began when you got the brilliant idea to make an app for ..... (here add the characteristics of your idea yourself). Convinced of its perfection, you look for a contractor who will build what you have in your head. You go to the software house, which you commission to make an application. You tell them about your idea, the analyst writes down the scope, the designers create nice graphics, you give your approval. Along the way they mention Agile and MVP (as guarantees of a successful project), invite you to weekly status meetings where they confirm that everything is going according to your vision. In the end, you get an application that is in line with your expectations, tested, nice looking. You launch it with great pomp, you generate traffic with ads, you are happy that a few users have used it, but after a few weeks it turns out that both the application and your wallet are empty. So what went wrong?


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