How to build products that make money - ebook

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How to build products that make money - ebook

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Introducing a guide for everyone developing digital products - in startups and corporates.

How to build products that make money - ebook
How to build products that make money - ebook

We have built many digital products, that are profitable today. Many of them we have been developing for years, such as a huge school management system used by a foreign college. It started with a simple application for students and ended up as an electronic system for examinations and assessments, managing dormitories, building individual timetables, handling professorial staff... Our client uses it itself, but also sells licences for it to other schools. He makes money!


We are developing this project from scratch, but often, in order to get the digital business on its feet, we have to fix mistakes made by others. Sometimes by developers, sometimes by UX specialists, but very often by the originators themselves. It is not without reason that for every start-up that earns millions, there are several hundred ideas that fail, some of which do not even make it to market. So what can you do not to lose out? What's more, how do you avoid becoming a source of failure yourself?


This ebook will give you an understanding of the most common mistakes made in the initial stages of building digital products, how to evaluate a contractor's approach and what obstacles to be prepared for.

Download the ebook and find out, among others:


  • what are the most common mistakes made by a founder,
  • what are the common mistakes when choosing a software house,
  • what determines the success of your project,
  • what is the product discovery phase,
  • how to make the product as cheap as possible,
  • what is an MVP and how to do it so it doesn't scare customers away,
  • why functionality means a better product.


How to build products that make money - ebook

Sparing Digital - consultants, digital product strategists and UX designers. We work with ambitious product owners, entrepreneurs and managers of the most respected brands.

We advise on how to create products that make money. We collide ideas and conduct research. We create products and services that have real value.

How to build products that make money - ebook

Thanks to the Ebook, you will understand that building a digital product is not a sprint, but a mararton. A digital product is something continuous. It has phases of life: from vision, through initial discovery, to product market fit, to growth and scaling. In order for it not to be overtaken by the competition or not to die due to the lack of users, it needs to be constantly discovered and expanded. In the e-book you will learn about what it is and why it is worth using the concept of continous integration.


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