DelayFix: Integration into CRM and website development

How optimise business processes in a company operating in the B2C market? For DelayFix, we integrated the contact forms used by agents on tablets and filled in directly by customers on the website into the internal CRM system. DelayFix's customer relationships are now easily managed from one place. 


DelayFix is a company specialised in dealing with passengers whose flights have been delayed or cancelled. It employs aviation experts and lawyers to recover compensation from airlines.

CRM integration

We have been working with DelayFix for over five years now. Our first task was to improve communication between the head office and the agents who work at airports. They advise passengers in situations of delayed or cancelled flights. At the same time, they obtain their power of attorney to represent them in a dispute with the airlines. They are equipped with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. We have linked the forms they fill out on them to the CRM system. This allows the transfer of data in real time and speeds up the handling of compensation cases. 

UX tests and website development

In the next stage, DelayFix asked us to develop the software for their website. We received the graphic design from the client. After two years, however, the company offered us to do a redesign of the website. The change was dictated by, among other things, the coronavirus pandemic, which grounded planes worldwide and also significantly affected the work of passenger claims companies. 

We began work on the new service with a UX and data analytics audit of the existing service. We conducted a series of strategy workshops and developed a new information architecture for the site. We then built UX mock-ups and ran a series of A/B tests to see how users responded to the proposed modules. We implemented the most effective solutions on the site. We also rebuilt the contact forms through which the company acquired leads from potential customers, and fully integrated them into the CRM system. The work included not only the frontend, but also the backend. We continue to work with DelayFix, supporting the company in streamlining its business processes. 

Benefits for DelayFix

  • Real-time information transfer between contact forms and CRM
  • Customer service management from a CRM
  • Streamlining the work of agents
  • Quick assessment of their performance
  • User-friendly, intuitive website
  • UX-friendly navigation layout
  • Use of a copyrighted CMS, which gives great flexibility in the construction of subpages
  • Optimise sub-pages for SEO
DelayFix: Integration into CRM and website development